Alternative/Heavy rock band Fictive Firefight is a female fronted trio based out of southern NJ, playing shows in the greater Philadelphia/NJ areas.  

The lead singer and guitarist, Shannon Nicholas, along with bassist, CJ Simmons, and drummer, Justin Pichini perform all original music and are currently writing new songs. They released their debut EP, Tattered,  on Friday the 13th, October 2017

Photography by VJP3 Photos

Photography by VJP3 Photos


Fictive Firefight's debut EP was recorded in a storage bin in Turnersville, NJ with Mike Britt; freelance studio owner and touring musician, and many of the vocals and extra guitar parts were done in Shannon's apartment in Blackwood. All in all, the recordings took a little less than 20 hours (90% of which were retakes of vocal parts) and under $150. The real time and effort was put into the self taught mixing and mastering of the album done by bassist CJ and singer/guitarist Shannon.
This album feels like the accumulation of 4 years of rewrites, new takes, starting from scratch and remastering to get this thing right and we are excited to share something we are actually not embarrassed about.